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Why projects fail

Why Projects Fail Why do some projects flourish and others flounder? Here, we take stock and explore the factors that can help us avoid project failure in the future. Mark Oliver A business lives and [...]

Coaching and relationships

Building the Foundation for Trust   In business and in life, relationships define our progression, our success, and even our happiness. As coaches, we have a responsibility to open the channels to better communication.   [...]

Organisational politics

Taming Organisational Politics   Organisational politics are undoubtedly a negative force to contend with. However, with the right approach, the beast within can actually be energy for positive change.   Kevin McAlpin & John Van [...]


The Mechanics of Derailment   Coming off the tracks — why promising executives fail.   Kevin McAlpin   It's something of a mystery to businesses why they promote seemingly infallible go-getters into senior roles and [...]


Resilience — The Fourth Measure of Success   IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) could be missing the trick argues Kevin McAlpin.   Michael Millar   The war for talent is [...]

Emerging talent

Protecting your Emerging Talent   The need for developing solid talent management programmes has intensified. Delay and you run the risk of losing out. Get it wrong and it can be equally damaging.   Kevin [...]

The mirror test

The Mirror Test   Before leading by example, it’s always helpful to take a look at yourself first.   Kevin McAlpin   New research from a study of 360 degree feedback from 13,400 people shows [...]

It’s all aboard after the cuts

Finding Unity in Adversity   When you’ve had to make cuts and streamline processes to the bone, there’s one competitive advantage that must flourish — your staff.   Kevin McAlpin   ‘Streamlining’, ‘synergising’ and ‘rationalising’ [...]

Resilience is key

The Power of Resilience   Resilience is key in critical moments. Being able to access your skills when you need them most makes the difference between surviving and thriving.   Kevin McAlpin   Great Britain’s [...]

The stressed out business

The Stressed-out Business Leaders always face uncertainty. Now more than ever, changes in the economic climate mean maintaining a stable mindset just became an even more valuable commodity.   Kevin McAlpin Stress is a common [...]

The truth of decision making

The Art of Decision Making   Weighing up the facts about a pressing issue? Chances are, you’ve already chosen.   Kevin McAlpin   Our rational mind is a powerful thing. However, when faced with important [...]

Return on investment

Coaching’s ROI — The Findings   Return on investment is a deciding factor for any service your organisation pays for, so just how effective is coaching at driving the bottom line?   Kevin McAlpin   [...]

Research on coaching

Into the Light — Coaching Research Results   Coaches have a responsibility to meet organisational objectives in businesses. To find out if this is really the case, PCI commissioned a global survey of 15,000 people [...]

History of coaching

Coaching — A Potted History Coaching is always progressing, adapting and flexing to evolving demands. It’s come a long way, but there’s always scope for a refresh about where it’s come from and where it’s [...]

Coaching Metaphors

Metaphorical Brilliance   Stories are how we make sense of the world. They also resonate when you need to make a point. Used properly they’re more than just a good yarn — they’re an essential [...]

Coaching and decision making

Critical Decision Making   We make countless decisions every moment. But when it comes to important choices, coaching helps uncover exactly how our logical decision-making systems can work better.   Kevin McAlpin & Hans Vaagenes [...]

Making a success of failure

Failure is the most powerful learning tool. It’s also the basic ingredient in all major success stories, so why aren’t there ‘failure coaches’? By Kevin McAlpin & Michael Millar With the introduction of the various [...]

Coaching through Transition

The first 90 days is make-or-break time when transitioning to a new role. Coaching a solid strategy right from the beginning will push people far closer to ‘make’ than the unthinkable alternative. By Dawn Wilkinson [...]

Coaching Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections is a key skill in sales, and in life. Kevin McAlpin and Gavin Ingham outline coaching strategies that can help everybody — especially coaches — surmount objections. By Kevin McAlpin & Gavin Ingham [...]

Unlocking Discretionary effort

Providing the fuel to power discretionary effort in your staff means you can unleash the energy to increase performance and boost your organisation’s bottom line. by Kevin McAlpin A manager's ability to coach their staff [...]

Survey Results

We’ve worked alongside employee survey specialists Shine to benchmark the concerns and realities of achieving better performance. by Shine & Performance Coaching International The biggest failing of management is the inability to coach their staff [...]

Seven Principles

Whatever industry we’re working within, when it comes to winning, there are universal factors to live by. Follow them, and the whole will always become greater than the sum of its parts. by Kevin McAlpin [...]






The Five Minute Failure

by Kevin McAlpin and Michael Millar

The Five Minute Failure is the result of a decade of research of hundreds of books and thousands of people. It is one of the few, if not the only, book on success that chooses to present itself in a way that entertains just as much as it informs.

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Presenting the Penguin Way

by Kevin McAlpin and John Van Maurik

This story takes less than an hour to read and will give you insights, techniques and lessons to transform your presentation skills for a life-time. Everyone has seen an inspirational presenter and thought “I wish I could do that” – well now you can.

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Writers on Leadership

by John Van Maurik

JvM, one of todays acknowlwdged experts on leadership, distils the ideas of over 30 gurus, academics and practitioners to give a conclusive overview of moderm thinking about business leadership. The insights collected here prove invaluable to students and also to business people aspiring to leadership roles. JVM concludes with some valuable insights into leadership competencies and how they can be applied.

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The Effective Strategist

by John Van Maurik

This book puts strategic thinking within the reach of all managers, showing you how you can learn to think and act more strategicallyto increase your business and personal effectiveness in numerous ways. JvM clearly presents the key skills needed, helping you to be a better leader and change agent by applying these tecniques to improve business effectiveness- he covers the breadth of business life from marketing and innovation to handling organisational politics and will challenge you not only to think strategically but to apply that thinking with confidence.

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Change Your Business with NLP: Powerful Tools to
Improve Your Organisation’s Performance and Get Results

by Lindsey Agness

Change Your Business With NLP is the first genuinely practical guide for managers, showing how to use NLP techniques to overcome specific business problems. You will learn how to: Improve your results as a leader, build an exceptional team, manage change more effectively, change your organisation’s culture, create more effective client and customer relationships, transform your presentation skills, increase the overall performance of your business. Bestselling author Lindsey Agness, an international change management consultant and certified trainer of NLP, uses step–by–step techniques and a broad range of case studies to show you that NLP can deliver measurable results in business

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Portable Leader

by John Van Maurik

John van Maurik pulls together and defines the talents that a successful leader should demonstrate and then introduces you to a fascinating range of leaders with very different backgrounds- an Indian bride and a hostage/kidnap release negotiator amongst many others- giving you a practical insight as to how they operate. He provides you with portable leadership lessons that will transfer between companies and positions and grow with you as you develop your leadership skills.

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Discovering the Leader in You

by John Van Maurik

Based on John van Maurik’s work with practising managers and their views, concerns and expectations, this book guides you on how to develop and adapt leadership skills for your individual needs, circumstances and personality. Traditional perceptions of leadership are evaluated, demonstrating the many different ways leadership potential can be released. If you have never before considered yourself as a leader, or if you are in search of a new direction, this book will help you to work through positively and utilise ideas and practices that will focus and energise your leadership potential.

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Get Ready for Coaching

by Caroline Taylor

An essential part of coachee preparation! This practical book, based on academic research, enables the coachee to maximise the value of coaching. It explains coaching very well; what it is and what to expect from the coaching relationship. It provides guidance to enable the reader to clarify their objectives for coaching and suggests tools and techniques to help them to select the right coach. Finally it doubles as a useful resource; an interview checklist for coach selection and a coaching diary.

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Change Your Life with NLP: The Powerful Way
to Make Your Whole Life Better

by Lindsey Agness

Lindsey Agness is an expert on running NLP programmes and coaching senior executives and change projects. Her best seller “Change your life with NLP” is well respected for taking a step by step approach to everything needed to achieve a change, no matter how big the change. By using powerful NLP techniques and practical exercises, you will understand what you really want and need in life and how to get it successfully by facing your fears, anxieties and bad experiences that caused you to fail in the past.

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